Walking In Love Activity
Janine Pike

Saturday at 9AM

Who I am in Christ Book Study
Sandy Minor

Tuesday at 6:30PM

Breaking Free from Body Shame Book Study
Amy Tice & Christian Troutman

Tuesday at 7PM

Women's Bible Study Bible Study
Ashley Rich

Wednesday at 7PM


Men's Bible Study Bible Study
Dale Truilliger

Thursday at 6AM

Paul's Epistles Bible Study
Rod Robinson

Saturday at 9AM

Moral Purity Set Free
Dale Truilliger 

Wednesday at 6AM

Father's & Son's Activity
Josiah Siers

Saturday at 12PM

Faith & Fitness Activity
Peter Schrater

Monday at 8PM


Knowing Your Walk with Jesus Bible Study
Fred & Laura Lake

Saturday at 1PM

Endurance Book Study
Bob & Sue MacGregor/ Doran & Linda Olin

Saturday at 9AM

Young Adults

Young Adults Discipleship
Ben & Shannon Woodley

Tuesday at 7PM


Bible Study Bible Study
Leo & Monica Sanchez

Saturday at 7PM

Marriage Activity
Jonas & Juila Marques

Friday at 7PM

Bible Study Bible Study
Ramiro & Eva Ambrosio

Friday at 7PM

Creciendo en Oracion y Adoracion Book Study
Antino Gaspar

Saturday at 6AM

Book Study House Church
Gus & Naomi Valdez

Saturday at 5PM

Ponte en Forma Activity
Fabin & Flor Bladeras

Friday at 7PM

House Church

Gospel of John Bible Study
Jan Stahl

Tuesday at 7PM

Growing in Christ House Church
Mike & Lori Barthe

Tuesday at 7PM

Doing Life Together House Church
Rod & Vicki Robinson

Tuesday at 6PM

Late-Night Worship House Church
Rick & Tresa Jones

Wednesday at 8PM


To be in community at City Harvest means to regularly connect to a small group of members of our faith community where you are transparently sharing your personal journey in your relationship with God while giving and receiving encouragement. The community that takes place in these groups throughout the week is what makes gathering together on Sundays so exciting.

Each group has a different focus - we encourage you to find one that fits you best, either by the location, your stage in life or a specific focus. We encourage you to visit several and find the one that is life-giving to you. 

Here are just a few that are happening this Semester:

- Activity Groups

- Bible Study Groups

- Home Groups

- Book Studies

Contact us for more information