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The way to God’s best for your life is through a process of restoration; master-minded and overseen by Jesus Christ himself. Jesus wants the goodness of Heaven to pour through you to others but there are things in your life that block it. Set Free address four key areas: Physical Health: After all, you can only serve others to the degree that your body cooperates. Relational Health: The greatest message we have for the world is that God loves people. Our words are meaningless if we can’t show them relationships that are strong and healthy. Soul Health: Your heart/soul either limits or releases you to act like a child of God. Financial Health: The Bible brings up the subject of money over 2000 times because God knows we mess it up unless we listen to Him. 

Soul Health

Call it your heart. Call it your soul. It is that inward part of a human being which lives, loves, and feels most deeply. It is also the place where damage can occur most deeply. The Shepherd in Psalm 23 “restores my soul.” One of Jesus closest followers understood the power of a healthy soul. He said, “I pray that you may prosper in all things and be healthy, even as your soul prospers.” Imagine being free to enjoy God and others fully, laugh more and enjoy more personal victories where it really counts. That’s the true outcome of a restored and healthy soul. 

Relational Health

Relationships that are alive with grace and life shine like stars in the heavens. God is brilliant and the elements of a strong and healthy relationship are not difficult to learn. Relationships can be amazing and wonderful but they can also cause a lot of pain. Our Mentors/Coaches can help you learn the skills you need to experience God’s best. 

Financial Health

Do you long for life transformation, reduced stress and improved relationships? Do you believe that true financial freedom is possible? The proper application of biblical financial principles can help draw you closer to Christ, reduce stress, eliminate bondage and allow for restoration in relationships. Powerful stuff. Financial stresses interfere with every area of people’s lives. Set up a time with a Personal Money Coach to learn how to apply these principles and begin to see your life transformed. This help is complete confidential. No catch. No product to buy outside of your Personal Money Map tool (about $20). 

Physical Health

We believe in physical health and healing because it has already been paid for by Jesus Christ. “We pray that God’s will would be “done on earth as it is in Heaven” and we know that sickness and disease and pain do not exist in Heaven. Jesus established the model of healing and commanded us to heal a sick world.” Our Healing Team is for those who want to press the envelope of their own understanding and faith on this topic and apply that growth as we look to God to heal others like Jesus and His followers did so often in the biblical record. 

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