The Realm is our online meeting place at City Harvest. Connect with Community Groups, give, find contact information, and discover all the details on upcoming events.

Sign into the REALM here roundedsoundcloud

If you do not have a Realm account but would like to join, please contact us and we'll send you an invitation. email   

Signing In the first time

Signing into the Realm is easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Follow the link that you receive in your Realm invitation in
   your email inbox. 

2. Create a password. Confirm that password. 

3. Go back to your email account and follow the second link
    sent to you. Confirm your date of birth - and you're all set!

Realm APP

The Realm has a great app that is incredibly user friendly. You can do everything on your app that you can on your Web browser through the Realm.

1. Go to your app store (ios) or play store (androids) and
   search for "Realm Connect".  

2. Download app (it has a white star and blue background)

3. Open app. Sign in using your email address and
    password from your Realm account. 

* You cannot open the app until you sign up through your Realm invitation email. Please follow the link in the email, set up your password, and then download the app. 

For any questions please email us! email