At this time there won’t be regular Kids Church, but kids will be joining everyone in the sanctuary for the duration of the service. We know that this can be new for some kids and parents, and could be a bit overwhelming and a bit noisy, BUT we want you to know that as a team we are here to help and support you! We believe that you as the parent make the greatest impact in your child’s life, especially when it comes to their relationship with God and their faith! 

To help our kids really get involved in the service, all kids 2 years - 5th grade will receiving a “Kids Church Kit” that you can pick up at the Info Table prior to service. This kit is a drawstring bag, with a journal, crayons, and pen inside. The heart behind this is that kids would get into the habit of bringing their bag each week, so that they can take notes (for the older kids) or draw a picture (younger kids) as they glean from the message. Encourage kids to put their Bibles in their bags and they will be ready to go! This is also a great opportunity as a family (both kids and adults) to establish the rhythm of bringing a Bible and notebook to church so we can write down all that God is showing us through worship and the message. 

Generation ministries

GenMin is focused on the growing faith of birth through college age individuals. From the first time an infant comes into the nursery at Kids Church until college graduation there is a cohesive and congruent plan of imparting the Word of God and creating an atmosphere to have a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ.